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What Is the Healthiest Combinations to Eat Peanut Butter?

There are different ways to eat peanut butter that will make your taste buds go nuts. Peanut butter is rich in healthy fat and delicious. If you are looking for a peanut butter combination, then you’re on the right track.

What is Peanut Paste Used For?

Peanut butter is served on toast, bread, crackers, and sandwiches. I use peanut butter paste to mix fruit salad, which tastes so good—also used in desserts such as flavored peanut smoothies, brownies, dishes, and crepes.

For Spread or Dip

  • It can be spread over bread, fruit salad, or crunchy celery sticks.
  • Try peanut butter as a dip with an apple.
  • For a creamy alternative, blend with cashew butter, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and water.

Peanut Butter Sauce

  • You can stir it into fried dishes, noodles, or soup.
  • Served with grilled meat or fish.

For Sandwich

  • You can put peanut butter on a sandwich. The combination is tasty.
  • You can spread it over a leftover pancake.
  • You can spread the peanut butter over a grated carrot and apple.

More Weird Food Combination with Peanut Butter

Let’s look at some other good combinations with peanut butter that will interest you. They are the best peanut combinations that are pleasing to your taste buds. Let’s have a look.

Oats + Peanut Butter Combinations

  • One of the best and healthier peanut butter combination
  • Mix the oat with your morning oatmeal.
  • A scoop of teaspoons is sufficient to provide you the required protein level for your breakfast.

Pizza + Peanut Butter Combinations

Pizza and peanut butter? Yes, I mean just that. Another best way to eat your peanut butter is by spreading and rolling it with pizza. Both combinations are delicious. Try it out with your pizza and see for yourself.

Fruits and Veggies

  • Mixing peanut butter with your fruits and veggies is another healthiest way to eat peanut butter.
  • You can combine it with banana, berry, carrot, apple, and cucumber.
  • These have been my morning meal after workout and evening meal before night. It’s very healthy and delicious.


Another best way to eat peanut butter is with toast. Make toast more delicious by spreading peanut butter on it.

Chocolate Mix

Chocolate is one of the healthy things to eat peanut butter with. Both combinations are a great match for a tasty dessert. Try it out and see how pleasing it is to your taste buds.

Chicken Barbecue

One of the best ways to make an unforgettable barbecue night is never to go with peanut butter. These two combinations are more just tasty. Have the peanut butter wrap over your hot, burning barbecue and watch your tongue drip down with silver as you perceive the smell.


Have you tried eating pasta with peanut butter? Whether it is served hot or cold, you can enjoy it either way. Combining it with garlic and ginger will make it more delightful.

Pork & Peanut Butter Combinations

Here is another healthy way to eat your peanut butter unknown to many people. You can have it as part of dipping sauce or marinade.


Eating your cookies tastes great when you have them with peanut butter. The cookie itself is already delicious, and when combined with peanut butter, it takes it to another level.

Milk and Peanut Butter Combination

The peanut butter and milk combination tastes very good. I take it before going to bed. You will feel refreshed and strong when you’re up in the morning.


This is another weird food combination with peanut butter, but it really works. After this experience, you will never want to crush your popcorn without peanut butter. It is what you need for that movie night.

French Toast

I can guess you have never tried this peanut butter combination. Why not try it during your weekend break and see how tasty it is.

Use Peanut Butter For Smoothies

Peanut butter can be used for smoothies. Some smoothies often contain ingredients like milk, fruit, and yogurt. You can use it for banana smoothies, Strawberry smoothies, peach-mango-banana, and triple-berry blends.

How to Make Any Smoothies?

Do you want to learn about how to make any smoothie? Whether you want a traditional strawberry smoothie or vibrant green smoothie, watch this video below. It breaks down the important elements required to make a good smoothie easily. Watch the 5 best smoothies’ recipe now.


I’m sure you’ll like to try these healthy peanut butter combinations. Just give it a shot; I bet you’ll always want more. However, if you think we have missed something, let us know in the comment section.

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