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The Difference Between Mocha and Latte

Mocha and Latte are both popular coffees, often served at coffee shops. But what’s the difference between the two? Whether you prefer a dark, rich Mocha over a light, creamy Latte or vice versa, this article will give you a detailed review of each popular drink – including how to make them at home!


The name comes from an Arabic word meaning “coffee with milk.” Mocha was first introduced to the world in Yemen sometime during the 17th century. It has since spread across the globe and is now available at most coffee shops.


Traditionally, a Latte is made with espresso and milk. Espresso has a strong taste because it’s made with dark-roasted coffee beans. This makes it perfect for adding milk, which lightens the espresso flavor. Latte is typically served in a mug, but if you want to order espresso-based drinks at Starbucks, your best bet is the “Pour Over” method.

What’s the Difference Between Mocha and Latte?

There are many different ways to make a mocha, but the basic recipe is espresso, hot milk or cream, and chocolate. The difference between a latte and a mocha is primarily in the drink preparation. The drink consists of espresso, milk, and flavoring.

A latte is made by combining espresso with hot milk, while a Mocha has cold milk added to it. To make it iced, you would need to add cold milk or cream and ice cubes. A latte is strictly espresso with steamed milk on top; there is no added chocolate.

Mocha and Latte Appearance

Mocha coffees are slightly dark brown and tend to have a stronger flavor. Latte’s are typically light brown or tan.

Mocha vs. Latte Taste

Mocha is a coffee that is made with espresso, chocolate, and milk. A latte is a coffee made with espresso, milk, and steamed milk. The tastes of the two drinks are different because the Mocha coffee has more chocolate while the Latte has more milk.

Mocha vs. Latte Price

A latte coffee is sold for an average price of $3.90, while a mocha can be found at a local coffee shop for $3.40.

Mocha vs. Latte Calories

Sometimes, we confuse the two and wonder how many calories there are in a latte; other times, we want to know how many calories there are in a mocha. The answer is that Mocha Coffee has more calories than Latte Coffee because of the added chocolate.

Mocha vs. Latte – which is sweeter?

Mocha is sweeter than Latte. The latte is made with espresso, hot water, and steamed milk. Mocha is made with espresso, hot coffee (usually brewed), cocoa powder, and steamed milk.


The overall conclusion is that both of these drinks are delicious. If you want to cut back on caffeine, Mocha may be better for you than Latte.
If you want to boost energy, or if coffee is your thing, go with the Latte.

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