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Coffee Roasts Guide

There are four major types of roasts – light roast, medium roast, dark roast, and extra dark roast.
Many different factors go into creating a quality cup of coffee.

  • How you measure out your beans and water.
  • Whether you’re using a French Press or drip machine.
  • What kind of beans and roast you’re using.
  • In this blog post, we will discuss four major types of roasts and the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

What is a Coffee Roast?

The term ‘coffee roast’ is used to describe the flavor of the coffee. The term’ coffee roast’ is not only used to describe the color but also the flavor. There are four general types of roasts: light, medium, dark, and extra dark.

4 Types of Coffee Roasts

There are four common types of coffee roasts: Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra-Dark. If you want to feel energized and alert without the jitteriness of a dark roast, try a light or medium-light roast. If you prefer something sweeter with more body, then go for a medium or dark roast.

Light Coffee Roast

As coffee beans are roasted, they go through a process called the first crack. Light roasts are those that roast for the least amount of time, and those beans reach an internal temperature of around 356°F – 401°F after the first crack occurs.
The longer a bean is roasted, the more acidity and caffeine will be removed from the beans. This means that light roasts have the most caffeine and acidity, while dark roasts have the least because of their longer roasting time.
The acidity in a light roast is often balanced by citrusy flavors, which certain people allegedly prefer over other types.

Medium Coffee Roasts

Medium roasts are the best choice for most coffee drinkers. They have a sweet-like, nutty flavor and can be found in commercial blends. A medium roast has a subtle fruity aroma and taste with no bitterness.
Medium-roast coffee beans need a shorter roasting time; medium-blend coffee will get the best results from a coarser grind.
The most popular coffee roast is medium. Medium roasts were designed for an average American taste profile, with balanced flavors of acidity and body, usually in the middle.
Typical medium roasts are House blend, Breakfast roast, and American Roast.

Dark Roast

Dark beans reach an internal temperature of 437°F – 446°F. This is during or just after the second crack. The roast will also show oils on the beans’ surface as the temperature is high enough.
Dark Roasts are less acidic, with a fuller flavor and more body than darker roasts. Vienna Roast and Full-City Roast are popular medium-dark roast coffee blends.

Extra Dark Roasts

Dark roasts have a much longer roast time than lighter ones, bringing out more natural oils.
Doing so also creates a type of caramelly flavor that is not found in any other coffee.
The dark roasts are usually only ground for espresso because they are hard to filter through drip machines.

What is the Difference Between Light, Medium, Dark, and Black Coffee Roasts?

  • Light Roasts are just what you think of when you think of coffee. They have a full, heavy body with the perfect amount of bitterness. They are the mildest roast beans and are generally not as acidic.
  • Medium Roasts are less oily on the palate but still maintain a wholesome aroma.
  • Dark Roasts are richer in flavor and more aromatic, with some containing hints of smoke.
  • Black Roasts are even more intense flavors, with some tasting bittersweet.

What is the Major Role of Coffee Roasts in Brewing Coffee?

Coffee Roasts are usually categorized into four main types. The first is “light” or “City”. These coffees have low acidity and are the lightest in both body and flavor. This coffee would be ideal for drinking first thing in the morning.
“Regular” or “American”, these coffees are standardly roasted, typically darker than Lights but lighter than the other two roasts.
Mediums come next; this roast has a medium-to-bold character with smoother highs, tobacco, caramel flavors, and slight sweetness; to balance it out, it also has more acidity than Lights or Citys.
The final roast is called “Full City,” which produces a bolder flavor, a heavy body, and no bitterness.

What does Coffee Roast Mean?

Coffee roast refers to the degree to which coffee beans are roasted. The beans go through different stages of roasting, with each stage producing a different result in both color and flavor.
A light roast will not change much in color but will bring out more acidity in the final cup; this is typically called the “city” roast. A medium roast brings out richer flavors, while a dark roast can be bitter and acidic.


Coffee is a brewed beverage popular in many cultures around the world. Its taste greatly depends on the type of roast used to produce it.
Light roasts have a mellow, sweet flavor and really stand out when iced. Medium roasts are dark in color and have a more robust flavor.
Dark roasts are bold-tasting, oily, and gritty because they’re often too burnt.

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